Find your direction in the small and medium business at the exhibition «WorldFood Kazakhstan»!

"The times we live is a time of change, a time of opportunity, a time of action! It requires us receptivity, maximum dynamics in decision-making, self-discipline and responsibility, "- this statement of one of the participants in the last exhibition « WorldFood Kazakhstan »is the main motto of the event.

The appearance of Kazakhstan within 20 years of Independence has changed. Every person can open a business, achieve financial independence, find its direction in a small business. Exhibitions which will be held in Almaty from 5 to 8 November 2013 are dedicated to such brave business ideas.

Several pavilions at the KCBC "Atakent" will hold expo events, organized by Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca, with the assistance of its international partners. These exhibitions have already been well known for decades in the region and include such expo brands as:


  • “WorldFood Kazakhstan” – the international exhibition on a subject "Food industry", with 16-year reputation and developed list of participants. This year it's including more than 300 companies from 20 countries of the world with innovations to present;
  • "KazUpack" – offering on its platform all types of packaging: paper, flexible, tin, glass, plastic container, label, PET from 8 countries;
  • "ArgoWorld Kazakhstan" – an exhibition on the subject of "Agriculture" which continues to represent more and more profoundly livestock and poultry-farming sectors of agriculture;
  • "HOREX" – a bright expo event with participation of hotel managers, restaurateurs, cooks, culinary specialists and baristas. In 2013 the exhibition will again take place in Almaty and will unite the saturated business program;
  • "CleanExpo" – specialized event with long tradition of combination of an exposition with the last cleaning innovations with trainings and competitions.

It should be particularly noted that some states, such as Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary each year subsidize their companies to participate in this exhibition. So this year visitors can learn about the new products on a national stands of these four countries.

The traditional geography of the participating companies «WorldFood Kazakhstan» this year replenished by new countries. The exhibition will be presented with extensive and colorful exhibits of national stands by Italy, South Korea and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka brings gourmet teas (the exhibitors are direct manufacturers and suppliers of tea).

A novelty of this year exhibition will be the "Retail Center" for B2B meetings between the networks of supermarkets and hypermarkets with food suppliers. Participants must book and specify the time of the meeting in advance, coordinating with the organizers - the company «Iteca». Companies are invited to participate!

Bakery sector is gaining momentum at the exhibition «WorldFood Kazakhstan». News of the event is opening for members of this section a separate pavilion. There will be presented companies that supply equipment, ingredients, raw materials, utensils, accessories and provide consulting services in the bakery industry.

For the first time at the «KazUpack» separate section will be devoted to "Storage facilities". The geography of the participating companies at the «KazUpack» expands every year: exhibitors will present their products from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, China, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Italy.

Visitors of the «ArgoWorld Kazakhstan» exhibition will have an opportunity to view the entire line of production technology from feeding livestock and poultry to packaging the final product. The companies will present technologies and equipment for poultry, meat and dairy farms, veterinary medicine and innovations in feed production. The conference «AgriCA», which will be held on November 6, will discuss and debate on issues that arise in the legal framework, in the process of production and subsidies in agriculture.

The exhibition «HOREX - Everything for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets" will present manufacturers of textiles, utensils and equipment. Along with them, for the first time at this year «HOREX» organizers will implement a platform.

The exhibition «HOREX» incorporates Culinary Festival and Barista Championship with participation of the Kazakhstan Association of Chefs. There is expected spectacular flairing performance by the famous bartender, 3-time champion of Russia - Sergei Bulavkin. Also there will be series of workshops for the preparation of cocktails with syrups from participating companies.

Kazakhstan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (KAHR) will hold workshops for hoteliers to improve the performance of hotel business and competition for the best hotel prize. Central Asian Association of Cleaning Companies provides training and competitions among companies representing laundry and cleaning equipment, cleaning tools.

Global statistics indicate that most companies make 40% of sales during exhibitions, which are a great opportunity to show itself as a serious business partner, to assess the competitiveness of their products and learn about promising developments in the area of interest. Statistics of last year show that WorldFood Kazakhstan was visited by about 6,000 people.

For information about the exhibition and the business program of events updated on the official website

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