Feedback from visitors Horex&CleanExpo Qazaqstan 2023

Aidana Ismailova, Customer Service Manager of WLS Kazakhstan LLP:

I came to the HorexExpo Qazaqstan exhibition, I had very vivid impressions. I really liked the site. A very tasty, interesting, bright exhibition. We came to meet new partners, to see colleagues, to present our services to other companies. There are many interesting people from different countries with whom you can talk in all languages of the world: English, Chinese, Korean. The exhibition provides an opportunity to exchange experience and energy.

Oleg Pechenegin, Commercial Director of Choco Smart Restaurant:

I think that this event was interesting not only for us - visitors, but also for speakers and participants. The visit is at a very high level, everyone comes with the purpose of developing new connections, improving automation, both of our services and our partners. Thank you so much for the organization!

Ilmira Khakimova, Founder of ChakiChak-Fortuna Food:

Our company is a manufacturer of confectionery culinary products from Taldykorgan. Every year we visit the HorexExpo Qazaqstan exhibition and forum. Today I attended a lecture by Nailya Kaltayeva, the material was very interesting. The topic was very close to me: how to remotely manage a team, how to build business processes, how to work for several countries in such perspective.  I noted for myself several important points that you need to pay attention to in order to manage remotely, I really liked it.  The coffee sector is also interesting, I want to see the work of the barista on the site and listen to a few more speakers.

Irina Plotnikova, Managing Director of Kapriz restaurants:

I came from Kyrgyzstan, our restaurant network includes summer and winter restaurants, as well as a ski center. I came specifically to the HorexBusiness Forum, as it contains all the information for restaurateurs that interests me and our company. It is very interesting how to retain, where to get personnel, how to manage them, and solve problems. We always have to learn, people share their experience, it is very interesting and valuable. I found a lot of useful things for myself, somewhere I get confirmation that it already works for me, somewhere I find weaknesses that need to be strengthened, find another concept of work, consider other points of view on some issues. Very informative, thank you very much to all the organizers, and my company, which gave me the opportunity to visit this exhibition. I think that all three days will be very fruitful. I will be happy to come again next year.

Roman Kurdin, Berik Company:

Today I came to the exhibition as a visitor, representing my company. We are looking for new interesting brands for ourselves. The exhibition is organized very competently, many interesting brands are presented, many companies are represented. I am sure that all three days will be interesting and fruitful in terms of finding a partnership.

Arystan Shomanov, Executive Director of Street coffee:

We came to the HorexExpo Qazaqstan exhibition in order to find new partners, namely in the vending equipment industry. We are also interested in the topics of automation of payment systems and retail trade. I have already met several companies, one of which we have been working with for a long time, others are new market players for us.

Anton Zaitsev, Regional Manager of Andritz:

I am a representative of a large Austrian engineering company, and we also supply equipment for the food, chemical, mining and processing industries.  I am present at this exhibition on the topic of food equipment and equipment for the HoReCa sector. We came to meet with existing customers, to see potential customers, to communicate. It is interesting to see what is happening on the market, what new technological solutions have appeared. We really like the exhibition, we are pleasantly surprised that there are many visitors here. We plan to definitely come to the next exhibition with our stand. We hope to see you soon! 

Akbar Turayev, Brand Manager of LeadBros:

We are engaged in the sale of refrigeration and freezing, kitchen industrial equipment. We came to the exhibition in order to find new partners to sell our goods, to show our products. We liked the HorexExpo Qazaqstan exhibition very much: it was large-scale, we collected a lot of useful information, told our future partners about ourselves.

Feedback from visitors Horex&CleanExpo Qazaqstan 2022

Kirill Romanov, KVC:

The post-COVID times are going away into history, the world is gradually returning to its normal rhythm of life. Business does not stop in its growth. Today I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the exhibition itself, the number of exhibitors and the construction of stands. Keep up the good work, it’s nice to attend exhibitions of this level in our country. I hope next year will be even better!

Nurzhan Anarbekuly, Sandaluci:

Our company imports furniture from Turkey for hotels, cafes and restaurants. I visited the HorexExpo exhibition for the first time today, I really enjoy it. There are a lot of participants in our line, a lot of foreign interesting companies, so there is competition. I think this is a good thing, because where there is competition, there is a need. I have not yet visited the seminars of the business program, but I would like to take a look and listen, as there are some interesting speakers.

Yegor Vanin, Atameken Nan 2000:

FoodExpo Qazaqstan 2022 and QazPack were the purpose of our visit to the expositions. But also the HoRex exhibition was important because we have a household and bread production, and now we are considering opening an artisan bakery. We are looking at ingredients for bread, packaging, packaging equipment, and we will work out new contacts of possible partners. This is the first time we’ve visited the exhibition. We are happy and don’t regret that we came from Aktobe. We have been at the exhibition for two days. The meetings are fruitful, and if there are any questions, we will stay for the third day.

Mir Zair Miraliyev, Alpamys Individual Entrepreneur:

We came to visit the HoRex exhibition from Kyzylorda, and we visit it every year. We have a trade network in the city, and last year we signed contracts with Belarusian manufacturers at this exhibition. This year I would like to see an even wider range of participants. Due to recent events, many could not attend the exhibition, as well as the logistics of many participants faced problems with the transportation of equipment, but we hope that soon everything will be fine. The organization of the exhibition itself is good, thank you very much!

Madina Karimova, Yelgezer:

In my opinion, the HoRex exhibition is a very useful event. For us who work in food service, it is important to constantly update the product range, adding additional products and items. I can say that we achieved the goal of our visit. We found a lot of new opportunities, options to improve the menu.

Mariya Malova, individual entrepreneur:

I had a wonderful experience at the HoRex Business Forum. It is difficult to make conclusions right away, because all the information in my head is not yet clear. But in general, the speakers themselves are very interesting, professional, charismatic, and funny. I enjoyed just listening to experienced people. I wish there was a way to get feedback from visitors with an opportunity to ask questions. There were moments that motivated me, and there were moments that made me wonder. But all of this allowed me to define my own goals, my condition, my readiness, which was my purpose for attending.

Feedback from visitors Horex&CleanExpo Qazaqstan 2021

Gulnara Katibayeva, President of the Club of Restaurateurs Association

I came here to get useful information, to maintain contacts. I can say that the organization is good, there are impressive stands and interesting exhibitors. I have been visiting this exhibition every year since 2015. We sat at home for two years, and this lively communication was lacking. I can add that more seats were needed to sit and talk with partners.

Svetlana Sergeyevna Perepelitsa, Shin-Line LLP

I am interested in packing materials and that was the purpose of my arrival here. I liked the varied assortment, a large selection of everything that is needed for production. This is the first time I visit this event and I really liked it. I came here to look for contacts, until I really had time to get around the stands, but I have good expectations. I think, despite the pandemic, the organizers of the exhibition were able to provide visitors with rich and useful information from the participants. I think I will come to the exhibition next year as well.

Sanzhar Rakhim

I came to the exhibition in order to find and attract partners. For myself, I chose two areas for which we came here, these are AgroWorld and QazPack. Everything is perfectly organized, I did not think that the size of this exhibition would be so large-scale. I was pleasantly surprised, quite a large exhibition, a lot of participants. We have achieved all the goals that were associated with visiting this exhibition. We have strengthened existing contacts and found several new ones. Very interesting exhibitions, cool stands in various topics, and most importantly, a productive business event.

Abzal Aikynuly Ismailov, “Orange Goose” LLP

I came here to find good suppliers in the HoReCa field. Find more or less favorable conditions for our business. Every time there are such events, I visit them, looking for something new and interesting for myself. I haven't seen any minuses in the exhibition yet, only pluses. This event gives a boost to many catering establishments. Anyone who is involved in this activity. I found almost everyone I needed, exchanged contacts with everyone, took price lists. I found myself a lot of suppliers for spices, coffee, honey, pasta. We will work together in the future.