Kazakhstan International HOREX & CleanExpo Exhibitions
2-4 November 2022
Almaty, Kazakhstan

FEEDBACK FROM EXHIBITORS Horex&CleanExpo Qazaqstan 2021

Yelena Falina, director of ORTGRAPH

We are participating in this exhibition for the second time, before that we participated two years ago. Compared to pre-pandemic time, there are slightly fewer visitors, but overall we were very satisfied. Our company has existed for more than fifteen years in the Kazakhstan market, we are a branch of the Moscow company and are engaged in exclusive floor coverings. The purpose of our participation in the Horex&CleanExpo exhibition is the presentation of our products, the search for new customers and partners. I believe that the offline format is very necessary for business development, and no online can replace a face-to-face meeting. Live communication bears more fruit than online communication. We will come again for live communication at the exhibition in 2022!

Olga Veselova and Georgy Shorgin, creative consultants on integrating art into retail and business, speakers at the Horex Business & Coffee Forum

We really liked the live conversation with the audience, there was a very professional response. The participants asked a lot of interesting questions. We tried to convey to people in our speech that they need to get out of their comfort zone, to get out of their own framework. After all, art and business are a space for experimentation. Very interesting ideas and thoughts were heard during the Forum. In the future, we hope that there will be more such events. For two years of ZOOM and Skype negotiations, we realized how much we are living beings. Live communication is important for us, because we receive information not only verbally, but also through the exchange of energy. It's hard to imagine a world without offline meetings. Hopefully the pandemic will subside and there will be more live platforms. See you at the Forum in 2022!

Andrey Chernyshkov, General Director of ZIRAX PRO

We are taking part for the fifth time. This year the exhibition is very good, we understood this from our satisfied clients. For three days we have received very active attention from the visitors of the exhibition. Our target clients come and are interested in the products presented at the stand. Of course, there is a specialized audience at the platform. Cleaning companies are part of our target audience; they use our products when providing external cleaning services. Such business representatives as shopping and recreation centers, factories, even small shops, these are all our consumers. We see that visitors to related exhibitions FoodExpo and AgroWorld Qazaqstan are also interested in our products. People have a good interest, potential clients willingly take samples and ask for contacts of our representative offices. I think that the offline format is the most effective for business and will live on for many years to come. All newfangled online formats will never replace live communication.

Naylya Kaltayeva, brand owner of Probarista.kz, an expert in the field of HoReCa, co-organizer of the Horex Business & Coffee Forum

This year we were co-organizers of the Horex Business&Coffee Forum, as part of the business program of the HorexExpo Qazaqstan exhibition. When we planned the topics of the sessions, it was decided to focus on local experts who have real cases in business implementation, and not consulting. The program tried to reveal the areas that concern business today: how to apply art in business, how to work with investments, how to develop a franchise, there was a lot of information about the cuisine. The speakers were selected according to the principle - maximum useful information for the participants. We are very pleased with the results of the Forum, the restaurant and hotel topic is developing further, there are a lot of new trends. I think that this format of events must be present in the business program of industry events. And in the future it can be expanded with new topics and speakers. Because there is definitely an interest and a lack of such events for the HoReCa industry at the moment.

Zhanna Prashkevich, service standardization expert, head of The Guests design and consulting studio, speaker at Horex Business & Coffee Forum

I am very glad that the Horex Business & Coffee Forum took place. This is a wonderful platform that allowed us to see each other live for the first time after a long quarantine. I am pleased with the indicators of the fullness of the hall and by how many questions our speakers receive, as well as by the quality and content of these questions. Firstly, I can say that we are really hungry for professional live communication. Secondly, this is the crisis that the HoReCa industry faced after the pandemic. Holding such a Forum has revitalized the industry. I am glad that it was interesting for our participants to ask very high-quality questions, and to raise their business education to a completely different level. I am delighted with the geography of the participants - people came from all over the republic. For me, as a co-organizer and speaker of the Forum, it is pleasant that people come in the morning and sit until the end, waiting for each speaker. What is also very significant, yesterday after the official completion of the first day of the Forum, the participants stayed and discussed with each other, but the closing time came and we had to leave the walls of the exhibition center. Based on this feedback, I can say that we need such platforms critically, and moreover, it would be great to expand them. There were many questions on halal topics, many questions to our chefs, a separate platform for bartenders, because the bar business has its own specifics. Each of these questions can form the basis for the next sections of the Horex Forum in the new year.