Marketing opportunities


HoRex & CleanExpo Kazakhstan would like to bring your attention to a complex of free advertising tools which will significantly increase the effectiveness and impact of your participation in the Exhibition:

  1. Posting Exhibitor’s news on the Event web site
  2. Email-campaign to the potential visitors with promotion of Exhibitors news
  3. Supplying Exhibitor’s clients and partners with the electronic invitation tickets.
  4. E-mail invitation ticket for invitation your clients and partners
  5. Supplying Exhibitor with the banner “Welcome to our stand” to use in your signature in e-mail messages.
  6. Supplying Exhibitor with the banner “Welcome to our stand” for placement at your official web-site.
  7. Telemarketing to invite more of your targeted visitors based on the preferences which you provide in the consumer profile.
  8. Telemarketing with the purpose to invite to the exhibition target visitors, according to the provided portrait

All information should be provided of the exhibitors and should include main preference about the product or service, or information about the new or special offers in the framework of the Exhibition

For the detailed information about this option, please, do not hesitate to contact the marketing specialist of the event