Bakery is becoming a promising direction for business in Kazakhstan

The organizers of the International Exhibition WorldFood Kazakhstan 2016 highlight an increased interest in “Bakery” section.

We would like to recall that the largest Food Forum in Kazakhstan uniting agricultural complex and HoReCa industry will be held on November 2-4 in Almaty.

The decline in food production in the 15th year, as we all know, has been associated with the devaluation of Russian ruble, and as a result of high competition due to dumping prices by Russian producers. The situation has now leveled off, and after the establishment of the new parities the positions of Kazakhstan producers stabilized.

In the structure of the processing industry, only in Almaty, the food sector accounts for 40% and its large share is taken by the market of bakery products. After the exemption of the sector from the control by the state the bakeries have begun a promising new turn in the development.

The entrepreneurs say that the market price will enable them to implement their long-standing plans – to upgrade bakeries, and thus improve the quality and expand the range of products. As the consumption of high quality bakery products by Kazakhstan people has remained stable.

Today, WorldFood Kazakhstan exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of advanced countries in bakery, upgrade our equipment, implement new technologies.

Almagul Sagalbayeva, Manager in “Favorite Techno”:

- The main objective of our continued participation in this exhibition is meeting our old friends, as well as finding new potential customers. We are always pleased with the results. At each exhibition we certainly meet new customers. Besides we have a good opportunity to exhibit our equipment. And when a specialist sees it with his own eyes, it is quite another matter compared to, for example, on electronic equipment or on paper. I recommend everyone to participate in the exhibitions.

The “Bakery” section annually represents the suppliers and manufacturers from Germany, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia.

The organizers note that among the visitors of the exhibition there are not only engineers and executives of bakery and confectionery companies, but also specialists in the development and promotion of business and products, as well as technical experts. That is, people who can identify the advantages of the product offered for production, find ways to optimize the means of production for products demonstrated at the exhibition, reveal qualitative competitive advantages in case of the introduction of one or another product in its own production.

In addition, due to the multiplicative effect of simultaneous work of six events on the same platform the participants and visitors have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on the necessary ingredients, equipment and technology at the same time as well as will be able to communicate with partner companies in the scope of application of its own products and ensuring its production.

This year, only for the participants of the “Bakery” section the organizers offer special conditions within the “Guaranteed Success” offer, which will allow the exhibitors to increase brand awareness and loyalty of their products and companies in a particular region of Kazakhstan.

Kirill Flegonov, General Director of “Neos Ingredients”:

- We have been taking part in the exhibition for a number of years. We are delighted that the event is expanding by the number of visitors, and as a whole in size. We specialize in ingredients for the confectionery and bakery industry of Russian and domestic production and in 2015 an increase by 70% of our production in Kazakhstan was recorded. At the exhibition we present several new products. We came to see and be seen. We want to attract more new customers. And also we plan to participate next year.

Clear sectional orientation of visitors at the exhibition, the focus on the business community of segmented regions and areas at the request of the participants are the main principles of the event.

Thus, according to statistics of WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015, there are 3 visitors making a purchase decision for every exhibitor. On average each exhibitor during the exhibition days added at least 45 potential customers to its base.

It is worth noting that having a large professional experience in organizing food events and partner network worldwide, Kazakhstan Exhibition Company Iteca is engaged in the promotion of WorldFood Kazakhstan in the UK, Germany, Italy, China, Kyrgyzstan, the UAE, Poland, Turkey and other countries continuously throughout the year. More than 35 specialized publications and Internet portals provide information support in Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and Europe.

Therefore, WorldFood Kazakhstan Exhibition and the “Bakery” section are recognized to provide effective assistance in the development of the industry and help the businessmen take a worthy place in the ranks of successful enterprises.

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