The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is going to send 100 billion tenge for development of the food industry

The first 100 billion tenge from 1 trillion tenge, allocated from National Fund for financial support of economy, will be spent development of the food manufacturing industry, informed Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov.

"I would like to inform you that those 100 billion tenge, which have been allocated from the National fund and passed via Bayterek Fund, now are undergoing its concrete embodiment via second-tier banks. At this stage, we have put an emphasis on the development of food manufacturing industry", Massimov said during the joint session of the Parliament's Chambers of the Republic Kazakhstan.

Herewith, he reminded that the Head of state adopted a range of unprecedented measures on financial support for economics of the Republic "1 trillion tenge was allocated from the National Fund in total This, first of all, will be sent for the maintenance of the manufacturing industry, its development and attracting of foreign investment in the industry", he said.

According K.Massimov's information, Kazakhstan imports food industry products for the amount of approximately $3 billion annually. "In other words, here, inside our country, we can see the large reserves to ensure that sectors of the economics, which are relatively simple, but very important for us, could develop", - he summed up.

Murat Zhakeev
News Agency

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