STAHL, a German manufacturer of high-quality professional laundry equipment, will present its products for the first time at CleanExpo Qazaqstan 2022.

For more than 110 years, STAHL has been a world leader in the field of integrated solutions for professional laundries in various market segments. The company maintains its leadership thanks to constant innovation and a high level of quality and durability.

STAHL knows exactly what is important when choosing laundry equipment: the most convenient and easy-to-use equipment for all types of fabric with careful and at the same time gentle processing of fabrics, while with minimal energy consumption, as well as water. All of these are the main and mandatory items in the production of STAHL brand equipment.

The main attention in the development and production of laundry equipment is paid to the reliability and quality of our devices. That’s why we can proudly say that many of our machines are still in use every day after 20 years or more.

STAHL plans to open a representative office in Kazakhstan, where not only sales will be realized, but also service support and training for customers will be provided at a convenient time.

STAHL washing and wringing machines

Professional industrial-grade washing machines in three different types: ATOLL, WS and DIVIMAT cover all areas of commercial laundry. All models of washing and wringing machines are available in various sizes and various configurations, so the manufacturer can always offer the ideal industrial washing machine that meets various requirements. STAHL washing machines are suitable for all types of enterprises: hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, laundries; since STAHL industrial machines can be freely programmed and optimally meet customer requirements.

STAHL drier drums

The perfect result of washing clothes, this is the first step to the perfect underwear. Washing is a technological process and drying always follows after washing. For the result to be perfect, the clothes must be dried thoroughly, but above all, gently. This is especially true for clothes that is washed often. STAHL drier machines are especially careful about clothes and thereby contribute to the long shelf life of textiles. The manufacturer has extensive experience in the laundry field and selects washing and drying machines that perfectly match each other, which guarantees efficient operation.

STAHL ironing lines

STAHL considers ironing as a process. The perfect clothes are not only hygienically clean and sparkling, but also perfectly ironed and neatly folded. The German manufacturer offers well-known ironing machines of high quality. The company analyzed every step of the process, and for each stage developed mechanisms to optimize the ironing process, increase productivity, while maintaining convenience and safety. STAHL ironing machines become the best assistants to increase the productivity of your laundry.

The company is headquartered in Sindelfingen (Germany) and works with customers all over the world. The firm commitment of the company to innovations beyond the laundry makes STAHL a benchmark in its sector with initiatives such as remote laundry management! Concern for customers, the environment and focus on the introduction of new technologies turn STAHL, its customers and employees into an ideal team striving to provide optimal solutions for the laundry world now and in the future.


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