T.K. Abdullayev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atakent KCBC JSC

Ladies and gentlemen!

On my own behalf and on behalf of the Atakent Kazakhstan Center for Business Cooperation, I greet the participants and guests of the exhibition with deep respect! We are glad to see each of you at this unique site where ideas, business partnerships and innovations converge.

The popularity of exhibitions in Kazakhstan is constantly growing, and they are becoming increasingly significant events for both local residents and guests of the country and city. Exhibitions play a key role in the cultural and educational development of society, as they represent an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to consider the latest innovations and technologies in any industry.

Atakent Kazakhstan Center for Business Cooperation has a significant impact on the development of the country’s exhibition industry, providing the city’s main site for organization of major exhibition events.

Exhibitions held in the pavilions of our center help attract investment, develop tourism and strengthen the country’s image, activating economic and cultural growth. Thanks to exhibitions, each company has the opportunity to demonstrate its potential at the international level and conclude unique contracts.

Let this exhibition become a source of inspiration and new opportunities. I wish all participants and guests of the exhibition fruitful meetings and successful deals!